Jacob's Ladder
#859. Jacob's Ladder
  • Year: 1990
  • Country: USA
  • Production: Carolco, Tristar, 115m
  • Director: Adrian Lyne
  • Producer: Mario Kassar, Alan Marshall, Bruce Joel Rubin, Andrew G. Vajna
  • Screenplay: Bruce Joel Rubin
  • Photography: Jeffrey L. Kimball
  • Music: Maurice Jarre
  • Cast: Tim Robbins, Elizabeth Peña, Danny Aiello

Abridged Book DescriptionEdit

Like Dante's Inferno, Jacob's Ladder is a downward spiral: As the film goes on, Jacob's visions become more and more horrifying. Though at first the demons are vaguely glimpsed or only hinted at, soon Jacob in enmeshed in hell on all sides. Yet, despite the film's often terrifying and unsettling visuals, Jacob's Ladder is ultimately about coming to peace with one's life.