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#664. Shaolin Master Killer (Shao lin san shi liu fang)

  • Year: 1978
  • Country: Hong Kong
  • Language: Cantonese/English
  • Production: Shaw Brothers, 115m
  • Director: Liu Chia-Liang
  • Producer: Mona Fong, Run Run Shaw
  • Screenplay: I Kuang
  • Photography: Huang Yeh-tai
  • Music: Chen Yung-Yu
  • Cast: Gordon Liu, Lo Lieh, Wang Yu, Yu Yang, Hsu Shao-Chiang, Wu Hang-Sheng

Abridged Book Description

Chia-Liang Liu is nothing less than the best fight choreographer ever to work in the Hong Kong film industry. After cutting his teeth as the martial arts director for many on Chang Cheh's best films, he made the move to the director's chair, bringing his unparalleled kinetic sense with him. Nowhere are Liu's visual gifts more apparent than in Shaolin Master Killer... And this isn't even to mention the fight scenes. Suffice it to say, they can't possibly leave you disappointed.